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A  South Bay criminal defense lawyer can help you If or a loved one has been charged with a crime. The best choice to make for your case is to make it a top priority to seek a Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney to defend you today. Please call to be connected with one for consultation.

DUI Offenses

There are different kind of sentences and punishments that can be faced by different people when arrested for the commission of a DUI in spring valet California. There are several areas that need to be addressed when the offenses are being addressed. They include:

  • Sentencing and punishment of misdemeanor DUI for first offenders
  • Punishments and penalties for a misdemeanor for a second offenders for DUI
  • Sentencing and penalties for a misdemeanor for a third offense DUI
  • Punishments and penalties for a DUI that involves injuries
  • Sentencing and punishment for a felony DUI
  • Some additional conditions of probation in case of a DUI
  • Aggravating factor that can cause an increase in a sentence

An attorney can help in case of a dui charge.

Theft Charges( Petty Theft, Shoplifting, Burglary, Robbery Etc)

In California, theft offenses are seen as crimes of a moral baseness. This means that many licensing boards can cite a theft conviction as their main reason to deny your certification as well as licenses like real estate license, nursing license, nursing license and contractor’s license. Such a conviction can also bring about some immigration consequences for people who want United States naturalization, green card and visa.

Proposition 47 was passed by voters. Under this, there are some crimes that can be reduced to misdemeanors. If you have a conviction of grand theft auto, grand theft firearm, forgery, check fraud, receiving stolen property, felony burglary, you may actually be eligible for a felony sentence reduction according to this proposition in California.

Domestic Violence( Civil Harassment Restraining Order, TRO etc)

The thing you notice in California is the fact that every attorney’s office has a unit dedicated to the prosecution of domestic violence cases. Such cases still proceed even if an accuser chooses to recant. In Spring Valley, you may face jail time for such a conviction even if it is a first time thing.

In Spring Valley, innocent people can be accused of such violence. False allegations can be made so as to get an upper hand in child custody and divorce proceedings, jealousy or out of anger. Get a lawyer as soon as you face accusations.

Drug Crimes ( Possession, Sales, Trafficking etc)

When drug busts are done, there are some errors that the officers can make that can make issues even worse for you. A lawyer can help in getting things straight so that you are not judged falsely.


Sex Crimes ( Statutory & Date Rape, Sexual Assault)

Sexual misconduct is something that is serious  and the best lawyers realize how important it is to start building a defense immediately. The sex charge needs to be investigated immediately so choose an attorney wisely. Please call to be connected with a Torrance & South bay criminal defense lawyer.