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A Los Angeles parole attorney who is a well versed in probation violation defense goals should be able to help you get a second chance and prove your innocence. If you or a loved one needs a new or violations of parole hearing assistance seek the help of the best Los Angeles probation lawyer near you.

Probation is often granted instead of imprisonment in certain types of cases filed in courts of LA County. There are also some cases such as juvenile cases where probation is granted as a form of delayed sentencing. When you successfully complete your probation then you can avoid getting a criminal conviction. Probation lasts for a certain period of time as mandated by the court. During this period, you are required to abide by the rules of your probation. Failure to abide by these probation rules can lead to incarceration or an extended probationary period.

 Los Angeles Parole Violations

There are many ways of violating your probation. There are times when you are not even aware that you are already violating your probation. This is why you need to know the many ways of how you can violate your probation and they are as follows:

  • association with a known criminal or organization
  • committing a new criminal offense
  • possession, use or selling of controlled substances
  • failure to report to your probation officer
  • failure to appear at court appearances
  • failing a drug test ordered by the court
  • failure to complete the rehabilitation and counseling mandated by the court
  • traveling outside the state or any parameter mandated by your probation without permission from the court

Probation may be a better alternative rather than going to jail but if you commit any violations, then you are in for very stiff penalties. Do not panic though because with the right Los Angeles parole attorney on your side, your penalties can be reduced or tossed away.

A violation occurs when you violate the terms of your probation. The consequences of your violation will depend on various factors such as the nature of the violation. Other factors also include the number of prior violations or if there have been warnings issued prior to your violations.

The severity of the violation is also a huge factor in determining the consequences that you must face. The common consequences that you can expect for your violations are fines, jail time and extended probation. When you hire the right Los Angeles parole lawyer he or she can help you avoid any consequence or get it reduced..

How To Avoid Probation Violation Charges in L.A

To make sure that you do not commit any violations, it is important to know all the rules of your probation. You should always be aware of these rules so that you do not commit any violations. It is also best to maintain a good relationship with your probation officer.

The probation officer is the person responsible for keeping tabs on you and making sure that you obey all the terms of your probation.

Make sure that you maintain a regular appointment with your probation officer because this is part of your probation. Failing to report to your probation officer is one of the most common violations. It is up to his discretion to issue a warning or just declare a violation.

Once he or she declares that you have committed a violation, then you will be required to appear in court for a hearing where you can get penalized with a fine or jail time depending on the severity of your violation and the discretion of your probation officer.

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