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Experienced Los Angeles Violent Crimes Attorney – The Right Aggressive Defense Law Firm Can Get Your Charges Dropped or Reduced

It is recommended that you make it a top priority to hire one of the best Los Angeles violent crimes lawyer for your case. Crimes involving violence or the threat of violence fall under the category of “violent crime.” They involve the actual use or threat of force on a victim, in order to achieve the result that the perpetrator wants. The crime may have a fatal result as in murder or it could a means to an end but both incorporate the threat/use of force.

Examples Of Violent Felony Offenses (Penal Code Section 667.5, 667.5 (c) )

Violent Felony Offenses are dealt with in general under the California Penal Code Section 667.5, 667.5 (c) Individual crimes are dealt with under separate sections of the Penal Code.

Some typical violent crimes and some Penal Code Sections are:

  • Assault/Assault with Deadly Weapon (PC 240)
  • Misdemeanor Assault (PC 240/242)
  • Car-jacking (PC215)
  • Criminal Threats (PC 422)
  • Domestic Violence (PC273.5)
  • Kidnapping (PC 207-9)
  • Murder (PC 187)
  • Rape (PC 261)
  • Robbery (PC 211)

Penalties for Violence Crimes

And many more which have been clearly defined in relevant sections of the California Penal Code. Violent crimes invite severe and harsh penalties in California, especially for multiple acts of violence which invite the California “three strikes laws.”

Penalties for violent crime include:

  • Imprisonment either in county or state prison
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Restitution

If you or a loved one is arrested and charged with a Violent Crime in California, ensure that you retain a skilled, knowledgeable, local attorney/law-firm with experience and a proven success record in defending cases like yours. Violent crime convictions can have grave consequences on your life, career, financial future and relationships.

Get Connected With Some Of The Best Local Defense Lawyers For A Consultation

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can ensure that all pre-trial and plea options are explored and negotiated after conducting the defense’s own investigations into the circumstances of the case. Pleading to lesser crimes, dismissal of charges, lighter sentences, probation etc are some of the options available for an experienced attorney to take advantage of. Such excellent legal experts can gather their own documentary proof, expert testimony, witnesses etc to ensure a favorable outcome in court if such negotiations break down. Good lawyers can also help defendants to make the best decisions about the case and ensure that their rights are protected in the criminal justice system. Please  contact us to be connected with a Los Angeles violent crimes attorney who can provide you with some of the  best representations for your charges.