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Los Angeles Robbery Charges Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Robbery Charges Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Robbery Charges Defense Lawyer
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Los Angeles Robbery Lawyer

Robbery Defense 

Experienced Los Angeles Armed Robbery Attorneys – Seek Best Defense Law Firm To Aggressively Fight For All Your Stealing Crime Charges

A Los Angeles robbery lawyer can help get your case dropped. California has strict robbery laws parked under the state Penal Code 211 which gives a clear definition of robbery as taking someone else’s personal property or possession

  • In the absence or presence of the victim
  • Against the will of the victim using force or fear

However, robberies in California may not be as dramatically executed as in movies where

  • The house is broken into with occupants inside leads on to physical harm threats and stealing of personal property
  • The victim is drugged or unconscious before stealing their personal possessions
  • The victim is threatened with physical harm when caught in the act

Structure and Coverage of California Robbery Penal Code 211 PC

An act of robbery in California is classified under the State Penal Code 211 PC which is considered a felony by law. Penalties vary with each type of robbery depending on its severity.

First degree robbery in California is deemed to be enacted in:

1) Public places like bus, streetcar, cable car, taxi or subway

2) An inhabited structure 

3) The vicinity of an ATM after the victim has withdrawn funds

First degree California robberies trigger state imprisonment between 3 and 9 years when convicted of the charges.

Second degree California robberies which are of lesser severity bring about shorter state imprisonment between 2 and 5 years.

Get Connected With An LA Legal Defense Team For Your Robbery Charges

An experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles is instrumental in representing an accused of committing a robbery. The case could be presented in one of the following ways for a lighter sentence or dismissal of the charge.

1) There was no force or fear imposed on any victim to take the property

2) The victim honestly believed that the property belonged to them

3) A case of mistaken identity

4) A case of false accusations


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