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Los Angeles Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Record Expungement Attorney
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Los Angeles Expungement Lawyer

Los Angeles Expungement Attorney – An Experienced Criminal Records Expungement Law Firm (Penal Code 1203.4 PC ) Can Help You Stay Out Of Jail

The right local Los Angeles expungement lawyer can help you . Being charged and convicted of a crime can have a disastrous effect on a person’s life, health, career, reputation, financial status and relationships. Such charges or convictions become a permanent record which is maintained indefinitely, and can become an obstruction to a person’s being able to rent a house/property, travel, own vehicles, firearms, get a job, insurance, credit-cards, bank-accounts, passport, etc. In many cases, a criminal record prevents a person from enjoying a free and unfettered life, marry and live in peace. Hence a clean criminal record is a vital necessity. Consult with a Los Angeles expungement attorney help today!

However, in many cases, people may be wrongfully arrested, the prosecutor did not file criminal charges, the case was dismissed in court or the person was acquitted by the jury after a fair trial. In earlier times, only authorized people could access criminal records, but in today’s information age, there are many agencies and almost anyone who can access your personal records and share it too. This includes potential employers and certain licensing agencies.

What is Expungement ?

Expungement is dealt with under California Penal Code Section 1203.4. A person can apply for record expungement if they were convicted of misdemeanor/felony, have successfully completed probation and don’t currently face criminal charges/probation/sentence. However, certain offenses like child sex-abuse, probation/parole violation, if you went to state prison, etc render expungement impossible.

Proof of your eligibility must be given, examined, evaluated and finally sanctioned.

A California Superior Court judge can issue a signed order dismissing the case as proof of expungement of criminal records. If you wish to declare that you don’t have a criminal record, this is valid, unless you run for public office become a peace officer or want to work for the California lottery commission.

Get Connected With Los Angeles, CA Legal Team For Your Expungement Case

An experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can appear on behalf of the client through all stages of the proceedings. Please contact us now to be connected with a lawyer for your case review and learn more about your options and best strategies that will get you result that you desire.


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