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The right  experienced Los Angeles rape lawyer or sexual assault attorney can help you stay out of jail. Do not gamble with your freedom and reputation. Sexual intercourse without the consent of at least one of the participants can be defined as rape. In legal terms, it is dealt with under the category of sexual assault which also includes offenses like groping, unwanted sexual advances etc. The intercourse may have been achieved through threat, fraud or force. Sexual offenses like date or spousal rape, statutory rape, intercourse with a minor aged below 18, forcible penetration with foreign objects etc are also categorized under rape. Any penetration or touch, no matter how slight and fleeting can be counted as rape. Similarly, an act of rape that was initiated but not completed for any reason is also classified in this way.

California Rape Law( CA Penal Code 261-269 PC)

The concept of “consent” is also examined in great detail in California rape laws. 

Sections 261- 269 of the California Penal Code deal with rape. Other possible scenarios can include using fraudulent means to lure the victim, duress, menace with a weapon/firearm, a doctor assaulting a vulnerable patient, the victim has an intellectual/physical disability, impaired ability to give consent due to drugs, alcohol etc, use or threat of physical, psychological force to the victim or to another.

Rape Penalties

Imprisonment of three, six or eight years is awarded to people convicted of rape. The range increases if the victim is a minor especially a child under 14. If the accused acted in collaboration with others, the sentence increases. Civil penalties include fines of $2000-$25000. This is a heavy penalty that requires that you hire the best criminal defense attorney to help you.

Sexual Battery & Sexual Assault  (Penal Code 243.4 PC)

Sexual assault is considered as a violent crime. It is defined as:

  • performing a sexual act on another person without his or her consent
  • it involves physical force and intimidation
  • the victim does not have the capability to refuse your sexual advances due to the effects of drugs or alcohol

However, there are instances when the victim is not really a victim. For reasons known only to them, there are individuals that fabricate lies to accuse someone of rape. In these cases, it is important that the innocence of the accused is proven.

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When charged with rape, it is essential that you get immediate legal representation from experienced Los Angeles rape defense attorney to safeguard your rights and ensure that the legal procedures are followed correctly. This is a crime in which there are many who are wrongly accused either through malice or genuine misunderstanding. Your attorney can examine the circumstances and investigate them thoroughly to discredit the allegations before formal charges are filed.