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Los Angeles juvenile crimes lawyer handling juvenile dependency & delinquency cases. Juvenile or minor crimes are those that are committed by an individual who is under the age of 18. These offenders will be tried as a minor and they are subjected to different procedures and rules compared to those applied to adult offenders. However, the severity of the accusations against them is just the same. If your child is accused of a crime, then it is best to make sure that you are aware of all the aspects of the crime that he or she has committed. This is why you need an experienced Los Angeles juvenile crimes attorney.

You need to know about the charges against him or her, the penalties as well as the legal procedures that he will be facing as a minor. It is also best to hire a competent lawyer who specializes in juvenile crimes. The future of your child could be seriously affected if he is convicted of a crime that he is innocent of. You need the help of a lawyer who can prove the innocence of your child.

Juvenile Dependency & Juvenile Delinquency Court

The juvenile justice system is different from the regular court system in a variety of aspects. Under California law. this specific court system tries minors who are over 7 years old and under 18 years old. A child younger than 7 years old who is accused of a crime will not undergo trial at all. However, the parents may be held liable for the crime that has been committed.

Prosecutors often try to get minors who are under 18 years old to be tried as an adult so that they will receive more severe penalties for their crimes. A minor who has committed crimes like drug possession, DUI or sex crimes are often detained by the police and then warned about the severity of the crimes that they have committed as well as the possible consequences for their actions.

The minors will be detained until a parent or guardian comes to claim them. The police can also hand over the minors accused of juvenile crimes to a juvenile court officer.

The Effects Of a Minor Being Found Guilty Of  a Criminal Charge

It is best to avoid a conviction for juvenile crimes as best as possible. If your child is convicted of a juvenile crime, then his future could be seriously affected. His or her conviction could appear in his permanent record. His chances of getting into a reputable university will be jeopardized. If he cannot go to college, then his other option is to get a job.

This will also be very difficult if he or she is convicted of a juvenile crime. Employers will not favor applicants who have a criminal record. This is why it is important to hire a good California lawyer to avoid a conviction that could ruin the future of your child.

The Factors Of a Juvenile Crime

There are several factors that will dictate whether the minor will be formally charged or not and these are:

  • the severity of the crime
  • the attitude of the offender
  • the evidences against the accused minor

The penalty of the child will depend on the crime that he has committed. The penalty for murder will obviously be more severe. If the police officers see that the offender is truly sorry for the crime that he has committed and he or she has not had any trouble with the law before then he may not be formally charged at all.

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