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Illegal Drug Sales (California Health and Safety Code 11352 HS) Charges Defense

Los Angeles Drug Sales Attorney – The Right Defense Lawyer Can Makes Sure That Your Rights Are Protected And That You Retain Your Freedom When Accused Of Selling Of controlled Substance

The rampant sales of drugs that are not permitted in Los Angeles County prompt law makers and local enforcement authorities to execute harsh penalties to offenders. These authorities work in compliance with the Federal and State legislation to combat the illegal sales of drugs which are controlled substances in the USA.  If you have been accused of the sales of drugs you need to call our defense attorney now

Drug Sales Penalties

The vibrant city of Los Angeles with millions of consumers is subject to adverse effects of drugs that are sold at every corner. This abhorrent activity reaches minors and celebrities to impact society adversely.

A defense team provides the best of legal counsel and representation to minors  and adults who are charged with drug sales in and around LA. Being arrested on a drug sale charge can be very intimidating for the minor drug dealers who may have become entangled in this unfavorable activity against their will. Some compelling reasons include:

  • The minor drug dealer may have been coerced into pushing drugs in the city
  • Desperation to make a living against the rising cost of living in Los Angeles
  • Being hooked on drugs accidentally to be pushed to the next stage
  • Challenged by peers to make a drug sale

There could be complicating factors involved in drug sales crimes such as:

  • Immigration issues
  • Selling to minors
  • Selling medically approved marijuana
  • Drug transportation

Penalties for drug sales crimes include:

  • Prison time
  • Heavy fines
  • Criminal record

Legal Defense For Drug Sale Charges

The right legal experts with experience and resources would present aggressive defense to persuade the judge and juror that :

  • you were illegally searched by the cops
  • you were coerced or lured into selling drugs
  • police misconduct
  • you didn’t know about the presence of the drug
  • you lack of intent to follow through with the selling
  • you are mistaken for someone else

The right attorney are able to present the compelling defense of drug dealers before the courts for greater leniency in meting out judgments. Hence, it is wise to hire the legal services of  a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney with years of experience dealing with drug related cases to be well defended in court.

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