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Break and Entering/Burglary(Penal Code 459 PC) Defense 

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Having the right Los angeles burglary lawyer can help get your case dismissed or reduced. Burglaries in California happen now and then depending on the economy as certain individuals become desperate in procuring some funds for a living. Nevertheless, a burglary is a crime that must be curbed or discouraged strongly through the implementation of the State Penal Code 459 PC.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney when accused of a burglary.

A simpler term for burglary is a breaking in or entering without the owner’s permission. There is an attached intention to steal property that does not belong to the burglar. A burglary is deemed to have occurred when an unauthorized or unlawful entry is executed with or without force. Strong legal representation is highly advised to reduce the potentially strict penalties depending on the charge.

Examples of Burglary 

The state burglary law covers a wide range of possibilities for identifying a burglary. This includes:

  • Breaking into any premise with the intention to steal valuables inside
  • Walking into any open premise to steal properties belonging to others
  • Entering into shopping malls with a malicious theft motive in securing goods without payment
  • Entering into a bank to cash a fraudulent check in full knowledge
  • Entering into any office with a pre-planned felony assault activity to be carried out
  • Breaking into vehicles to steal or dismantle items of worth

Overview Of California Burglary Penalties 

California burglaries that occur in residential properties or environments are deemed to be more serious; hence, these activities are noted as first degree burglaries in this state. Such burglaries are labeled felonies in California. When convicted, penalties include state imprisonment up to 6 years.

Burglaries that are committed in commercial environments are known as second degree California burglary or commercial burglary where there are no residents. Any theft value exceeding $950 would be construed as second degree burglary with a possible jail sentence of 1-3 years.

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Please call to be connected with  Los Angeles burglary lawyers to help you.When convicted of a break and entering crime it is a serious offense. If you do not hire the best legal team you will spend years in prison. You will lose your freedom. You will lose your job and cannot see your family and friends. Please email or call now to explore your options.