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Hiring an aggressive and experienced Los Angeles auto theft lawyer is highly recommended when charged with such crime. California recognizes the prevalence of auto theft by imposing stiffer penalties on those convicted of committing such crimes. A violation of auto theft laws in this state triggers the steep penalties to curb recurrence. This is why you need to hire one of the best Los Angeles grand theft auto attorney.

Understanding California Auto Thefts

Auto theft in California is also known as California vehicle theft which covers

1) Grand theft auto or GTA

2) Joyriding

GTA is parked under the state Penal Code 487(d)(1) PC while joyriding which refers to the unlawful possession of a vehicle for driving comes under the state Vehicle Code 10851 VC. The law breaker could be charged under either law subject to the length of time the vehicle was unlawfully taken from the owner for whatever purposes.

A permanent possession of the unlawfully taken vehicle would incur a charge of grand theft auto while a short spin using the unlawfully taken vehicle would be charged as a misdemeanor in joyriding.

These laws have been put in place to reduce the rates of auto theft in the state with well trained law enforcement agencies diligently at work.

Carjacking (CA Penal Code 215 PC )

Carjacking law make is a serious crime to inflict a physical force or threaten to harm someone in order to to take their car. Carjacking is a felony and carries up to 9 years or more in state prison depending  on whether someone was killed, kidnapped or a gun was involved.


Charges and Penalties of Grand Theft Auto in Los Angeles County Courts

California auto thefts depending on the severity of the crime and the result could be charged as

  • A misdemeanor


  • A felony

Past convictions of similar offenses could also increase the severity of the crime to sway the charge towards the grand theft auto category for a heavier charge and penalty upon conviction. Long state imprisonments between 16 and 36 months are possible unless the professional legal defense is sought through experienced and skilled attorneys in California.

First offenses of light auto thefts are usually charged as misdemeanors with a small fine and short county jail imprisonment. Skilled criminal defense attorneys are to be hired to ensure a light charge and conviction without leaving a record in the state register.

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