Los Angeles Assault & Battery Charges Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Assault Attorney & Battery Lawyer

Assault (Penal Code 240 PC) Charges Defense 

Hiring the right Los Angeles assault lawyer and battery attorney for your case is very important. The California assault law makes the necessary provisions to prosecute those who is convicted of assault as defined in the state Penal Code 240 where an assault is simply an attempt to invoke a serious injury on another individual.

Clear Guidelines on California Assault Crimes and Charges

The defendant of an assault charge must satisfy the following conditions to be convicted under Penal Code PC 240 through a criminal jury court hearing in California.

1) The defendant acted by force to hurt another person

2) The defendant acted willfully

3) The defendant acted with full knowledge of an assault by force on another person

A crime of assault is distinguished from a crime of battery in California, where the latter involves an actual application of violence or force against another.

An Experienced Los Angeles Battery & Assault Attorney Can Put The Best Defense Strategies For Your Aggravated & Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charges

A simple assault under Penal Code 240 PC in California is deemed as a misdemeanor that brings about lighter penalties involving a maximum fine of $1000 and/or a maximum county jail imprisonment of 6 months.

An assault charge could lead to a conviction with or without resultant hurts on another party. Hence, it is advisable to hire skilled criminal defense lawyers who are well versed with assault cases to ensure a lighter penalty.

Offenders without prior criminal history may be charged by the state Penal Code PC 240 with a criminal record that could be detrimental to their lifestyles. It is the wise who engage an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight the case for lighter penalties.

Such defense lawyers are skilled in presenting the right evidence in dismissing the assault charges or apply defensive approaches when mitigating the case to accord a favorable conviction from the court. Self-defense and wrong accusations are effective defense approaches which these attorneys would apply to release the defendant from assault charges in California.