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 Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer & DUI Attorney- Seek Best  Felony & Misdemeanor Help For Your Domestic violence, Expungement, Petty Theft Crimes, Shoplifting, Drunk Driving, Vandalism, Bench Warrant, Sex Crimes,Drug Possession, Rape, Restraining Order, Assault Cases etc

The right experienced and best local Long beach criminal defense lawyer and DUI attorney can make a difference on your case. They typically have many years of experience in defending cases such as DUI/Drunk Driving, Prostitution Solicitation, Domestic Violence, Petty Theft Crimes, Shoplifting, Vandalism, Burglary, Expungement, Bench Warrant, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, Rape, Assault, Robbery, Temporary Restraining Order etc. If you or a loved one has been accused or charged with committing a crime in LBC contact a Long Beach criminal attorney and DUI lawyer. California has set up stringent criminal laws and legislature to protect its residents against crimes and criminals to be in control of rising crime rates.

Structured Proceedings with DUI & Criminal Defense in Long Beach

Every crime with a potentially malicious outcome is frowned upon by the law enforcement authorities in and around California. Individuals who are suspected to be involved in any form of crime that instigates fear and unrest in others could be arrested first to assist in an in-depth investigation.

If there was any probable cause or evidence that points to the individual as an offender, the police would make an arrest as soon as possible with an arrest warrant if strong evidence is gathered despite its volume. However, law enforcement officers are authorized to make an immediate arrest without a warrant if the crime is blatantly executed. But the arresting officer is responsible to read or inform the alleged offenders of their rights known as Miranda rights to ensure that the arrest is valid to be pushed through to the courts.

The Miranda Rights ruling obliges arresting officers to inform the offender that they have the right to keep silence and the right to an attorney in their case to assist them in any legal proceeding. Such rights are guaranteed in the Constitution of America. Over-zealous arresting officers who forget to exercise these rights may find their efforts futile as offenders could walk away free when their rights have been violated and the have a good Long Beach criminal defense lawyer.

The long list of proceedings on a criminal suspect includes:

  • Arrest
  • Booking and charge of crime
  • Jail and criminal recording
  • Posting bail by a bondsman
  • Arraignment hearings
  • Plea agreements
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Trial
  • Outcome of case

Crime offenders who are arrested could be booked and put into jail until bail is posted either personally or through a bail bondsman who could be an experienced criminal defense attorney hired. The arrested suspects would be photographed with their fingerprints recorded while a check on their background for a criminal record is performed. An arrest with such proceeding could be rather intimidating to the suspect which could throw away all self-confidence and self-respect unless professional legal assistance is rendered.

Long Beach DUI Attorney Representation

Booze is commonly drunk in California at any time of the day, due to which some irresponsible citizens may find themselves in hot soup with the law when they drink and drive. DUI cases are plentiful on California roads where drivers are not responsible of their own safety as well as other road users and properties.

However, road checkpoint law enforcement officers may be over-zealous or mistaken in carrying out spot checks on drivers’ BAC levels.

Potential Errors Made by Road Law Enforcement Officers

Traffic police who are stationed at various road blocks are subject to arrest errors. These include:

  • Not being trained to identify drunk drivers
  • Not using the right testing apparatus to confirm driver’s alertness
  • Going by gut feeling
  • Faulty apparatus used
  • Drivers’ particular medical condition
  • Blood sample contamination
  • Proper arrest procedure not adhered

Arresting police officers must be trained in using the breathalyzer apparatus responsibly to avoid making a bad arrest. Testing apparatus must be checked to be in good condition before utilizing to avoid unnecessary stress and embarrassment to the driver tested.

Premier Legal Representation on DUI Cases

Good attorneys in DUI defense know all about these errors to capitalize on them in winning DUI cases in Long beach courts. Successful DUI defense attorneys include:

  • Former DUI prosecutors
  • ex-DUI enforcement officers
  • Previous police toxicologists
  • Experienced and skilled lawyers specializing in DUI cases

Many classifications of DUI cases could arise from the need of professional Long Beach DUI attorney representation to avoid a heavy penalty and consequence. DUI cases could be categorized as:

  • Simple misdemeanor on first time offense in drunk driving
  • DUI causing minor injuries to others
  • Felony DUI where serious injuries are imposed on other parties
  • Gross vehicular manslaughter

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