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An experienced Los Angeles drug possession lawyer know that an illegal possession of  drugs in Los Angeles County can incur heavy penalties from the state law. L.A residents and consumers must be careful not to be found with meth, marijuana, heroin or Oxycontin which may be legally prescribed. If you are found with these drugs by law enforcement you need call a Los Angeles drug possession attorney for help.

Types Of  Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession can come in many forms with the myriad of controlled substances in the market. Such criminal charges can be classified as:

  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony

Controlled substances that can incur heavy penalties of the law include:

  • Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Designer drugs

Handling Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine Possession All Over LA County Courts

controlled drugs also include:

  • Oxycontin
  • Vicodin
  • Oxycodone
  • Adderall
  • Ritalin
  • Diazepam
  • Marijuana

Although some controlled drugs are permissible for personal usage, an excessive possession may incur a drug possession charge with a possible intent to sell and profit. Hence, our professional legal services would be useful in clearing the charge legally.

Penalties for Illegal Drug Possession

When you break Health and Safety Code 11350 HS California’s “possession of controlled substances” law, you are subject to many punishment. The conviction for this is mostly a misdemeanor, however, if you had a murder, sex crimes and other felonies on your record then the punishment will be harsher.  Typically you are looking at a few months in county prison and up to 3 years in state prison. Also you can be fined $1000.

As the level of drug activity is rather high , it is not surprising to note the high penalties imposed on those who are found with drugs. It is highly recommended for defendants who are arrested on any drug possession charge to seek our legal defense services in Los Angeles.

Get on your side a legal defense team is highly qualified drug possession defense attorneys serving Los Angeles and its surroundings on drug crimes. His or her long years of experience in drug possession cases offers stellar legal counsel and court representation in protecting the rights of defendants on these criminal charges.

An aggressive defense approach is adopted to dismiss these criminal charges without incurring a criminal record that can mar the individual’s life. Only the best of outcomes is recommended in and outside the court. Professional negotiations are executed in the best interest of the defendant on any drug possession charge.

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Call 818-877-4356. You need to talk to an experienced drug possession law firm in Los Angeles, CA  to help you and provide you with the best defense options for your narcotics charges. If convicted of drug possession the penalties are harsh so make the right choice and have the best legal team on your side.