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An experienced Los Angeles dmv lawyer can put up an aggressive fight for your Cases. You have 10 days to request DMV administrative hearings after an arrest of DUI. The department of motor vehicles hearing are different from trial court hearings.  You need an aggressive Los Angeles dmv hearing attorney to help you.

The DMV of California imposes that the person charged with a DUI case does not necessarily have to appear in court. Instead, he has the option to schedule a hearing with the DMV within 10 days after the date of his arrest.

Getting Drivers License Suspension Lawyer Help

California has quite a few lawyers who specialize in DMV hearings so it is best to hire one after your DUI arrest. These lawyers know all the policies of the DMV so they know how to reduce your penalties or get rid of your DUI case altogether. DMV hearings are not criminal hearings, but they should still be taken seriously if you do not want to have your license suspended or revoked.

It can be very difficult to get around if you are unable to drive because you no longer possess a driver’s license. It is best to hire a DMV hearing lawyer to make sure that you do not lose your driver’s license. When hiring a lawyer, make sure that you are getting a reputable one. You can search the internet for lawyers who specialize on DMV hearings or you can ask your friends and family for referrals.

The Process Of A DUI Offense

After you have been charged with a DUI offense, there is a process involved before you reach the point where you have to attend your DMV hearings. This process involves:

  • the confiscation of our driver’s license
  • scheduling of your DMV hearing within 10 days after the DUI arrest

The suspension of your license can be put on hold until the DMV hands out their final decision regarding your DUI case. It is important that you follow the deadlines set by the DMV or else you will be committing more violations and getting more penalties. The date of the hearing will be set once the DMV officer has reviewed your DUI case as presented by your arresting police officer. If your DUI case is proven to be true, then this will be grounds for the suspension of your driver’s license. The review of your DUI case is not a criminal review, but an administrative one. The person who will review your case is not a judge of the court of law, but a designated employee of the DMV. Only an employee of the DMV is authorized to conduct an administrative hearing of your DUI case.

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The hearing of your DUI case will be conducted privately, but it will be recorded. If you been accused of driving while under the influence and your drive license is suspended a dmv hearing law firm in Los Angeles, CA can help you.