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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

Best Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney (Penal Code 273.5 & 243(e)(1) PC) – Top Rated Criminal DV Battery Defense Law Firm Helping You With Corporal Injury On a Spouse Or Cohabitant Charges All Over LA County Courts

Welcome to our experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer page. DV is a very common problem not just in California but in the rest of the United States. There are lots of women, children and men that experience physical abuse from the people that they love. It is very common that a simple argument could become so heated that it could involve some pushing or shoving. If you been accused of assault with a spousal contact our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney today!

The wife or husband calls the police to report the domestic violence and the partner is promptly brought to the police station. However, when the tempers of the couple cool down the wife realizes how petty the argument was. When they both calm down, they realize that everything was just a simple misunderstanding and they let their tempers get the best of them.

The couple reconciles but the sad thing about this is that the domestic violence charge remains even if all is well between the couple. Even if you decide to drop the charges, it will not be that easy to accomplish. The court will be the one to decide if the case should be dropped or not. This is why a simple misunderstanding could lead to the conviction and imprisonment of your loved one.

Domestic Violence Categories

Domestic violence in Los Angeles County is not just physical abuse alone; it also has various sub-categories under it. The types of domestic violence are:

  • assault
  • battery
  • simple battery
  • stalking
  • criminal damage to property
  • child molestation
  • child abuse
  • spousal abuse
  • unlawful restraint
  • any felony

These acts of domestic violence occur between couples married or not, children and parents, foster children and foster parents or stepchildren and stepparents. The bottom line is that if you commit any physical violence to anybody who lives with you under the same roof then that is considered as domestic violence.

You can be charged with domestic violence in Los Angeles, even if there is no physical evidence of abuse such as wounds or bruises. Threatening to hurt the other person physically is also considered as domestic violence, even if you never laid a finger on him or her.

 The Consequences Of a D0mestic Violence Or Battery Conviction

Incarceration is a consequence of being charged with domestic violence in Los Angeles. You can expect to stay in jail for at least 24 hours. There is no bail for this type of case. When you get convicted with domestic violence, then you can expect to face some jail time, a fine or both.

Each time you are charged with a new case of domestic violence, then it will be considered as a felony and you will be facing a longer jail time if convicted.

Those convicted of domestic violence are also not allowed to own or possess a gun or even ammunition.Those caught with a gun can face up to 10 years of jail time. Looking for employment can also be tough if you are convicted of domestic violence.

Employers are hesitant about hiring applicants who have a criminal record. Your qualifications as a skilled worker will not matter to most employers because they cannot look past your criminal record. This is why you should hire a skilled lawyer to defend your case in court and avoid a conviction as much as possible.

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Call our Los Angeles domestic abuse law firm now at 818-877-4356 for immediate help with your case dv charges. It is important that you hire the best criminal defense lawyer to help you retain your freedom and reputation. Email us or call us now to get your free consultation. An experienced Los Angeles domestic violence attorney can help you get your charges dropped if you have been accused of a family violence.

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