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Our defense attorneys goal is to satisfy clients’ needs for individualized, professional services, tailored to the requirements of the client, at an affordable fee with a personalized, experienced, and aggressive litigation to every single case. We have distinguished ourselves by winning great cases for our clients. Our Attorneys  have secured the freedom of hundreds of clients and brings decades of legal experience, high success win to every case, and is always looking for the best solutions/strategy to win your case. Our lawyers are both members of the California Bar Association with excellent standing. We are routinely recognized by our peers for our work and feared by the prosecutors.

We are personable, compassionate, and very passionate in our work. We will go the extra mile to get you the result you need for your freedom. We work weekends and nights to make sure that you are free.

We have 5 star reviews on both avvo, google, and yelp from their happy clients.

Why Choose Us: Here are just a few reasons why hiring our Attorney will be a huge advantage to you :

1. We do not turn away good people over money. This is why we have no interest payment plans to help protect your future.

2. Some of our lawyer track record in California speaks for itself.  We have consistently kept hundreds of clients our of jail in the last year alone.

3. Because of our reputation we can stop charges from taking place when you are just being investigated. By stopping charges from happening we can save you money from trial and freedom.

4. Unlike other lawyers who just want you to plead guilty, our goal is to get your cases DISMISSED. This is why we pursue every angle and not afraid to go to trial so that we will protect your future and get your charges DROPPED.

4.Our clients love us because we are dedicated to providing you result. We understand that result matter. Some of our lawyers  have a lot of five star reviews from our clients

5. We are feared and respected by both judges and prosecutors. Because of our reputation we are able to work out deals that get cases dropped or reduced significantly compared to other lawyers

6. We offer non rushed 24/7 free consultation because we understand how urgent your case is to your freedom. Other lawyers will rush you because they just want your money. With us we will take time to get to know you, allow you to ask questions, and spend time helping you understand your options.  In some cases you might need an attorney so we will let you know unlike other attorneys who will just take your money.

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